The Mac menu bar is one of the defining characteristics of the Mac. Someone once called it ‘the north star’. 😎

Mac’s menu bar is prime real estate. It’s the best place to show little tidbits of information. But there is only so much room!

Your menu bar really can get cluttered, so it’s not practical to put everything there. In other words: you’re gonna have to choose! I mean, this handpicked directory already includes 800+ sources in 34 categories. is a one-man operation. I curate and maintain everything on display here. Not powered by AI. 🤗

This website has been featured on Product Hunt and was ‘Product of the Day’ on April 28, 2019. MacMenuBar has also been covered extensively in the Mac Geek Gab podcast (21:45).

MacMenuBar - A curated directory of 200+ Mac menu bar apps | Product Hunt Embed

MacMenuBar - A curated directory of 200+ Mac menu bar apps | Product Hunt Embed

Contact or submit a menu bar app

Please feel free to get in touch anytime or to submit new menu bar apps for inclusion.

If you want to submit a menu bar app, please mail me some (larger) screenshots of your app, kind of like all the other screenshots you see on MacMenuBar.

I’m always searching for ‘real’ menu bar apps. If a menu bar icon is solely a shortcut to opening some main app, then I tend to ignore it.

I know, sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether an application is really a menu bar app or not. Feel free to disagree. 😉

Are some menu bar apps on MacMenuBar abandonware and/or buggy? Let me know!

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