Music is meant to be listened to — without getting in the way of your daily tasks.

Check out these Mac Menu Bar Music Apps:

Take Five


Whenever a temporary interruption occurs while you’re listening to music, just click the Take Five icon in your menu bar. After 5 minutes (or every other amount of time up to 30 minutes) the audio restarts with a soft fade in.




With Plaaying you control media (support for iTunes and Spotify) played on your Mac. The menu bar app is available in four attractive, proactive designs. Auto-Share can tell Twitter every song and video that plays without you lifting a finger.




SpotMenu is a Spotify style menu bar app that displays the artist/album in the menu bar. The app comes in handy when you hear a song and wonder “Who is the artist/album?” Then you can click the Menu Bar icon to interact with what’s playing.

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